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Different Date, Different State (Poem)

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You shouldn’t talk like that!

You shouldn’t feel that way!

Two of the worst things

That anyone can say

A depressed and anxious state

Never knowing why

Lost inside myself

Wishing I could die

Giving up on life

Surrendering to the pain

Finally seeking help

Believing things could change

Searching for the truth

Why am I this way?

Reading, writing, and researching 

Every night and day

From addiction to obsession

The pain replaced by passion

Open up my chakras

No more meds to crash on

Put the past behind me

Accept my life’s “mistakes”

Forgive, others, the world

Understanding the perfection of my present state

Peace of mind, my obsession

A desire to know the Truth

Or be financially free

Believing so many half-truths

Learn the truth about everything

Dive even deeper than deep

Know more, meditate, reject all beliefs

Self-inquiry at night even while I’m asleep

The Truth was present the entire time

The books only pointed the way

I found my Peace at last

When I finally stopped looking the other way

Years of needless suffering

So many lessons to learn

Just to know myself

For that is what I yearned

It was never about the money

Not success or getting “there”

There is no “there”, there’s only Here

It was all a trick. Remove the mirror

Now, a brand new state

Peacefulness beyond belief

The Truth beyond the illusion revealed

Without the mirror, All That Is, is Me

Originally published on June 8th, 2007

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